Plane passengers engage in petty air rage battle over window shade

A mid-night bust-up between passengers over who controlled the window shade has been caught on video.

One of the men involved in the dispute films the drama as it unfolded in front of a packed plane as it all started with one man pulling the window cover down and the man in front of him pulling it back up.

The clip of the passionate exchange goes on for more than two minutes. The man in front exclaims: “Leave it open.”

But the fella behind demands that the window shade remained down, pleading: “Please can you shut it?”

A flight attendant rushes over to them in an attempt to intervene, but the two men continue their window spat, which eventually escalates into a full blown row.

The man in the front seat holds his hand on the blind to stop the passenger behind from pulling it back down.

At one point, he reaches back toward the man behind him in an attempt to stop his arm from closing the window. But he says: “Don’t touch me — that’s assault.”

Whether the two warring men made peace is unclear, although the video ends with the man in the front seat seemingly smugly victorious.

The clip was uploaded to the Instagram account @passengershaming where a fierce debate was sparked about who was in the right.

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