U.S. wants reversal of Twitter ban

The United States (U.S.) has advised the Federal Government to reverse the ban on the social media platform, Twitter.

It described the action as undue interference by the government to restrict the people’s views on issues.

Information, Culture and Tourism Minister Lai Mohammed said on Wednesday that Twitter must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and obtain a licence from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) as parts of the conditions to operate in the country.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a statement described as undemocratic restricting the use of social media.

It reads: “The United States is likewise concerned that the Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission ordered all television and radio broadcasters to cease using Twitter.

“Unduly restricting the ability of Nigerians to report, gather and disseminate opinions and information has no place in a democracy. Freedom of expression and access to information both online and offline are foundational to prosperous and secure democratic societies.

“We support Nigeria as it works towards unity, peace, and prosperity. As its partner, we call on the government to respect its citizens’ right to freedom of expression by reversing this suspension.”



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