80 years old pharmacist says he tests his brain to be sure its fine

Mr. Ifeanyi Atueyi is the Vice President, Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy and a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists. He shares his experiences with SUCCESS NWOGU.

80-years old Vice President of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy, Mr Ifeanyi Atueyi says his productivity has not declined despite ageing, noting that his brain is still functional.

The Pharmacy chief told PUNCH in an interview that he assesses his brain to check the possibility of suffering from dementia (a health condition associated with ageing where the brain’s ability to function declines).

Expressing gratitude to God, Mr Atueyi stressed that he does not feel the impact of age on his ability to work.

His words, “I give gratitude to God that I am of those whose lives have been spared to attain the age of 80. When I was much younger, we used to look at people of 80 as very old. But at 80, I feel I am not old as such because what I was doing when I was 60, I still try to do most of them today.

“The way I work. There is only a little reduction in my capacity and enthusiasm for work and even in my productivity. I have cut down on my movement but I think I am more productive. I still write. My brain is still okay. I test my brain to see if I suffer from dementia but it has not come. I still remember things and I am still versed. I write a book every year. When I fail to do that, I will know I’m getting old but I have not skipped any year,” he added.

The Octogenarian who is blessed with five children and 12 grandchildren with his wife Joan, has authored 20 books, most recently he authored an autobiography.

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