Weird eyeless creature washes up on Mexican beach, leaving locals stunned

Locals and visitors and tourists at a beach in Mexico were left bewildered when a strange creature was washed on the shores of the beach.

Metro Uk reports that the creature appears to have the head of a dolphin but the tail of a tadpole.

It has sharp, fanged teeth but no eyes – prompting speculation it has emerged from the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean where no light penetrates and eyes aren’t needed.

Checkout Magazine gathered that locals found the bizarre creature on the Destiladeras beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, but as yet nobody has been able to identify it.

Initially, people thought it was a dead dolphin until they got closer and realised it was something completely different.

Metro UK reports that locals interviewed by local media admitted to never seeing anything like it before.

However, they mentioned that in Puerto Vallarta, there is a marine area more than a thousand meters deep.

They speculated that it could have been the home of the strange creature.

Local media confirmed that no one had been able to identify the strange animal, but there were also no reports in the media suggesting that it was a fake.

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