UNDP launches plan to restore Ukraine

The United Nations Development Programme has launched a plan to give immediate economic help and longer-term assistance to the millions destabilized by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The plan aims to counter the devastation that’s been caused by the shelling of cities.

There are early projections that two decades of economic progress could be lost if the war continues.

The announcement came as The World Bank issued an alert that Ukraine’s economy is set to shrink by 45 percent in 2022 because of the war.

UNDP Administrator, Achim Steiner, said, “The war in Ukraine continues to inflict immense human suffering…with nine out of 10 people at risk of falling into poverty.

“As part of a coordinated UN response, UNDP has an unwavering commitment to stay and deliver for the people of Ukraine.”

He also insisted that it was vital to ensure that local economies continued to function and that people’s livelihoods were protected.



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