Tragedy! U.S Twin babies roasts to death, Father charged of manslaughter

Twin babies, One-year-old Luna and Phoenix have been discovered dead in the backseat of a car after their dad allegedly left them inside for eight hours in New York’s 30°C hot temperature after foaming at mouth.

Father of twin and five children, Juan Rodriguez has been charged with two counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

The 39-year-old US veteran is alleged to have parked his Honda Accord in The Bronx around 8am before work.

After finishing his shift at the Veterans Association hospital, he came back at 4pm, before realising the children were on the backseat, it is said.

The New York Post reports they were dead and “foaming at the mouth”, and Rodriguez began screaming.

A bystander called 911, who came to the rescue. The father was arrested while crowds of stunned people gathered to watch police at the cordoned off scene.

However a family friend Temple Barrows, 41, described Rodriguez as an “amazing guy”. He said, “He’s always been there for his kids, always. And, this is just a horrible situation. The family isn’t doing so well.”



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