Stop seeking validation on social media, Tim Godfrey advises young people

Gospel singer, Tim Godfrey, has advised young people to stop seeking validation on social media.

Speaking at a programme tagged, Monday Night Live, Godfrey admonished people to stop looking for love in the wrong places.

He said, “Stop seeking validation on social media. These days, we look for happiness in the wrong places. That is why some people’s joy is dependent on how many ‘likes’ their posts attract on social media. You are spending time focusing on all the wrong things.

Every time you stay on Instagram, somebody is making money from it. Some of us have left our dreams and goals to focus on Instagram and Twitter.”

The Nara singer also shared his experience with an impersonator on Facebook.

He added, “Someone once impersonated me on Facebook, posting my pictures and booking shows.

“He was discussing with people in Canada, asking to be paid. I didn’t know about it (on time).Every show I attended as I shared on my social media platforms, he shared it on the page too. The first thing one needs is to have integrity,” he said.



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