Revolution march undemocratic, election more appropriate for change —Presidency tells Group

The Federal government has condemned the call circulating on social and digital media regarding a planned ‘revolution march’ slated to hold, Monday 5, by an organization called, “Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria”, describing it has an undemocratic move.

In a statement released by Garba Sheu, Senior special adviser to the president (Media and Publicity), the presidency called on the sponsors and organisers to have the decency to come forward and make their identity known.

According to the statement released, Garba said, “The ballot box is the only constitutional means of changing government and a president in Nigeria. The days of coups and revolutions are over.

“Those making the “revolution’’ call hide behind the veil of social media modernity. But without revealing the identity of their sponsors this shadowy campaign is no better, and no more democratic, than the days of old.”

Meanwhile, the presidency acknowledges the inalienable right of all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to civil protest and campaign.

“The President calls on all those who seek to use and hide behind everyday citizens to attain power through undemocratic and violent means, which has been alluded, to come out clearly and be identified.

They should lead their march in person. Only then will they begin to have the right to call themselves leaders before the people of Nigeria,” Garba added.

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