Georgia Teen murders sister over WiFi password

18-year-old Kevon Watkins, from Georgia, has been sentenced to life in jail for strangling his sister to death in a fight over a WiFi password.

Kevon, who had waived his right to a jury trial and chose to have a Bibb County judge decide his fate, was found guilty of felony murder for strangling his 20-year-old sister Alexus Breanna Watkins to death in their Macon home on February 2, 2018.

He was 16 when the killer argued and eventually got into a fight with his mom over their internet speed and had changed the WiFi password so he could play video games with a fast connection.

His sister intervened in the altercation fearing he would become physical with their mother, then the two began to fight on the ground.

Evidence and testimony presented in the trial showed that Kevon placed his sister in a choke-hold and held her there for an estimated 15 minutes.

He only let go when cops arrived on the scene and she was later pronounced dead from asphyxiation.

Alexus Watkins was engaged at the time of her death, she is survived by the fiance and her three-year-old son

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