Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips appears in advert for milk in China

The Queen’s grandson has appeared in an advert promoting milk from a major dairy company in China.

The advert, for Guangming Dairy, shows Peter Phillips, the eldest son of Anne, Princess Royal, being served a glass of milk in a palace.

After showing Mr Phillips starting to gulp down the glass of milk, the advert cuts to scenes of cows grazing in a field before nutritional information is displayed on screen.

This is then followed by a shot of Mr Phillips opening a fridge door to reach for a bottle of milk.

Overlooking the Shanghai skyline from a window, the shot then turns to Mr Phillips, who says into the camera “this is what I drink”.

The advert then finishes, lasting no more than 14 seconds in total and heavily featuring the Queen’s grandson.

His appearance comes as the Duke of Sussex arrived in Canada to be reunited with Meghan and Archie, days after announcing they are stepping back form royal duties.

Mr Phillips’ role in the advert has sparked some discussion around how Harry and Meghan may make their money without funding from the public purse.



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