New data suggests England had nearly 10,000 more coronavirus deaths

England recorded nearly 10,000 more coronavirus deaths than previously reported by the end of May, according to a new Office for National Statistics data.

Latest figures suggest that United Kingdom’s total death toll linked to Covid-19, including suspected cases, is in the region of 51,089.

New figures show the number of deaths by May 29 and registered by June 6 was 44,110, which is 9,474 higher than the figure reported by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Standard UK reports.

The total death toll from the pandemic could be as high as 63,500 – the number of “excess deaths” above the average over the previous five years that have happened in the UK since the outbreak began.

the UK’s official coronavirus death toll stands at 40,597 across hospitals, care homes and the wider community.

However, the true figure is thought to be higher owing to a lack of testing in care homes early on in the outbreak.

But the ONS figures revealed a continued decline in the number of deaths involving Covid-19 across England and Wales.

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