Facebook to sponsor Trump’s Republican National Convention

Tech giant, Facebook has confirmed that it will remain a sponsor of the GOP’s July convention in Cleveland, as President Donald Trump kicks of his reelection bid.

This comes after a reported friction between Trump and Facebook fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who last month subtly criticized the President’s border and social distancing policies. In reaction, Trump’s campaign team hit back at the tech executive.

Facebook confirmed to Recode that it will sponsor a lounge. At the 2012 RNC, Facebook sponsored “photo spots” for attendees.

CREDO Action, which is associated with the wireless provider CREDO Mobile, has gathered more than 65,000 signatures for a petition urging Google and Microsoft to pull out of supporting the RNC, saying “It is irresponsible and dangerous for corporations like Google and Microsoft to promote Trump’s hate by sponsoring the Republican convention.”

Microsoft has already said that it will provide only technology and support, not cash, to the convention. Coca-Cola ko has also dramatically scaled back its support of the event.

But according to a statement by Facebook’s Erin Egan, the company’s continued support is not about endorsing a platform, but instead about facilitating “an open dialogue among voters, candidates, and elected officials during the conventions.”

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