Meet woman, 40, who never went for dates cause of her weight

Having stayed off public social events due to her weight, Sarah Arnold finally heaved a sigh of relief when she went for a date for the first time in 20 years with her long time heartrob Karl.

Previously weighing 31st, Sarah was a recluse who refused to leave the house except for work, but after shedding an astonishing 18st 12lb, she finally has the confidence to go out.

Sarah, who now weighs 12st 2lb, says: “I lived my life as a hermit. Apart from work, I wouldn’t go out.

“I was 31st and didn’t want to be seen. I couldn’t wear nice clothes, I couldn’t walk far and didn’t like to be seen eating. I felt people were judging me.

“I was lucky to be in a loving relationship. Karl would always try to get me out and say that nobody was looking at me, but I knew they were.”

Sarah met Karl, a 40-year-old service engineer, online when they were both 21. They live together in Water Orton, Warks.

She says: “We met on a chat network. We started talking that August and met the next month. I lived in Lincolnshire at the time and he would come to see me every weekend. Then I moved to Birmingham the following April.

“I was 20st then, so Karl has always known me big and never been bothered. He has always loved me for who I am.”

Sarah can finally enjoy her relationship with Karl free from worry and insecurity

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