Meet Scottish father of 13 self-isolating with Covid-19

Living with coronavirus is a whole new experience for those who get infected, so it is for Roy Hann the father of one of Scotland’s largest families.

The Hanns from Dundee are known as one of Scotland’s largest families – and with 10 of their 13 children living at home, their household was large enough to form two basketball teams.

The family is getting to adjust the new normal after they learned Roy had tested positive for Covid-19.

“I’m a few days in and it’s very mild,” said Roy, a nurse practitioner at Ninewells Hospital. “I was really surprised when I tested positive.

“I’m around so many Covid patients but I wear protective equipment and we’re very proactive with testing in Tayside – so much so we’re now listed as a hotspot.

“But we joke in work you’re more likely to catch it from the supermarket – I just feel bad for being off.”

‘We joke we’ll have herd immunity’

The Hann household is now going through a 14-day quarantine – apart from Roy who will isolate for seven days.

While the 50-year-old has type 2 diabetes, he says he generally keeps “very well” – he expects to return to full health and is keen to get back on the frontline of the pandemic.

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