Maharaj ji urges FG to allow Nigerian scientists to develop vaccines

President Muhammadu Buhari has been encouraged to allow Nigerian scientists to develop COVID-19 vaccines that will suit Africans, instead of relying on vaccines develop from Europe and America.

The founder of One Love Family Satguru Maharaj ji on Sunday urged President Buhari not to politicise the issue of COVID – 19 vaccines, and, therefore, should allow and encourage Nigerian scientists to develop the African type of vaccines good for the African man to prevent any side effects that may occur for taking vaccines from Europe and America.

He made his call in a media statement issued on Sunday.

The Federal Government, he said, should be part of the effort to curtail the spread of the dreaded COVID -19 to fortify the checking of travellers coming into the country because, according to him, relaxation of the checking portends huge danger for the country.

Maharaj ji also called on the government not to sit on grants from foreign donors meant for Nigerian workers to help alleviate their suffering in the midst of the economic recession and the Coronavirus lockdown.

“Believe me, the release of these grants would give President Buhari a boost in history and will greatly counter the bad publicity going on about his administration,” Maharaj ji said.

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