London may be free of COVID-19 by June as cases fall to 24 daily

London has witnessed a fall in number of new Coronavirus cases, as just 24 cases are recorded daily, according to experts.

Experts from the University of Cambridge believe the ‘R’ rate – the number of people an infected person passes the disease over to – has plummeted to 0.4.

This means that for every 10 people with the killer bug, there will be four fresh infections.

Mirror of UK reports that In the early stages of the pandemic it was believed to be more than three.

Nevertheless pictures of crowded trains and buses this week have raised alarm amid concerns of a fresh spike in cases.

It comes as the government begins to ease lockdown restrictions, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging people to go back to work.

A Cabinet minister, Brandon Lewis on Friday rebuffed claims London could see lockdown eased sooner.

The Northern Ireland Secretary told Sky News: “We want to ensure we take a cautious approach to this.

“Because anywhere in England and the UK, we want to avoid that R rate moving back up.

“We want to keep it on that downward trend. And we’ve all got a part to play by following the guidelines – including in London.

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