Neighbour sues French Rooster for early morning crowing

Maurice, a rooster in Western France has been put on trial after breaching the order of quietness in the neighbourhood with his early crowing by his neighbour.

At the court in Rochefort, the defendant, the copper feathered cockerel is accused of disturbing the neighborhood hence, causing noise pollution as accused by a retired couple who owns a holiday home on the French Island Oléron.

The couple identified as Jean-Louis Biron and Joelle Andrieux stated that they built their holiday property 15 years ago in the region because of its environmental tranquillity.

But problems with Maurice and what they described as his ‘excessively loud’ crowing, began in 2017.

However they claimed to have complained to his owner, who has lived on Oléron for 35 years, provoking a disagreement which became a headline-making dispute.

While speaking to CNN, his owner, Corinne Fesseau claimed this is the first time her roosters’ crows would disturb anyone in the 35 years she has lived in the neighbourhood.

Fesseau said she is hopeful a solution would be found as the case awaits the court’s verdict slated for September 5.

“I hope these people will understand the meaning of rurality.

“The solution is for people to understand that the countryside is still the countryside and we must tolerate the crows of the rooster,” she said.

“I want to protect all the roosters in France,” Fesseau added.

The ongoing trial has already sparked off a debate in France with almost 120,000 people signing her online petition to save Maurice.



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