Human race to die off in 760 years- The Doomsday calculation

A book titled ‘The Doomsday Calculation’ by author William Poundstone, has asserted that there is a 50 percent chance that the human race will die off within the next 760 years.

The book is taking a new look at a mathematical approach to predicting virtually anything within a 50 percent likelihood, including when the human race will end.

Using the mathematical approach of Princeton University astrophysicist, J. Richard Gott III, Willia Poundstone has estimated when humans will die off Based on the method first published by Gott in 1993, Poundstone estimates there is a 50 percent chance that the last humans die within 760 years and also a 50 percent chance humans live any amount of time longer
Using his own method in 1993, Gott estimated the end of humanity with 95 percent probability of accuracy to come between .2million to 8million years.

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