How teacher, 28, had sex romp with minor aged students

A recent police report revealed that married teacher who had sex with her 13-year-old student in front of his pal in a classroom may have been grooming more child victims.

Brittany Zamora, 28, was arrested in March last year after her victim’s horrified parents found she had bombarded him with x-rated messages.

The sixth grade teacher who romped with the teen for months at an Arizona elementary school where she worked is due to be sentenced in Maricopa County Superior Court today.

A recently viewed police report, seen by The Arizona Republic, alleges Zamora was also inappropriate with other kids in the class.

Las Brisas Academy Principal Timothy Dickey interviewed students when the allegations emerged and notes from those conversations were included in the police report.

One student said Zamora was too close to the kids in their class, saying she attended another student’s singing competitions and football games outside of school.

The mother of a male friend of the victim told police Zamora promised to send her son naked pictures over the summer.

Police notes also allege that during class, Zamora asked the friend whether he was circumcised and showed him pictures of male genitalia on her phone.

It has since emerged that the disgraced teacher frequently communicated with students outside of school through an Instagram account and an online instruction app called Classcraft.

Zamora was originally charged with ten counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of molestation.

She also faced two counts of furnishing sexually explicit material to a minor and one count public sexual indecency.



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