Trainee astronaut, 18, dubbed ‘world’s most likely candidate’ to land on MARS

Space travelling was one thing that stole Young Alyssa Carson’s interest. At age three, she turned to her father and told him she wanted to be an astronaut.

From Louisiana, the plucky teenager is fast living out her dream – having been certified for suborbital flight and dubbed the world’s most likely candidate to land on Mars in 2030; and Alyssa is more than up to the challenge.

The 18-year-old is an ambassador of Mars One 2030, a mission to establish a human colony on the planet, and is as advanced in her training as astronauts a decade senior than her.

She has also been qualified at 7 space camps hence, becoming the first person to complete NASA Passport Program.

She appears ready to go extra mile to get goal accomplished, as she said benefits and experience of mission to Mars far outweigh the potential risks.

“I know that when I was three-years-old, saying I wanted to become an astronaut and eventually go to Mars was definitely the craziest dream I could have picked – and one of the hardest,’ Alyssa told FEMAIL.



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