How size 8 lady weighing 8 stone lost her dancing job for being ‘fat’

A 23-years old lady dancer has revealed how horrified she felt for losing her job because her employees thought she was overweight despite overcoming her eating disorder.

Elena Smith, from Epsom, Surrey, was delighted to be offered her dream job performing at a five-star hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.

But the 23-year-old, who weighs just nine stone, was horrified when she was fired just a week after being urged to lose weight by her manager.

The dancer, who exercises daily and eats healthily, says the comments almost derailed her from an eating disorder she overcame earlier this year.

She told journalists, “My manager told me bosses at the hotel had complained I was too fat and said they were thinking of firing me because of it.

“I was totally shocked. I’d lost weight since I’d arrived in Marrakech because of training, so to hear they thought I was too fat was really surprising.

Further speaking, Elena said she never struggled with her body image before joining the industry, disclosing that she wants to raise awareness of body shaming in the industry.



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