France see fresh Covid-19 spike in cases after schools reopen

France has witnessed a fresh rise in Coronavirus cases after schools reopened, recording 70 new cases.

Standard UK reports Schools in low-risk areas opened their doors to the youngest students last week, while some older children went back to class on Monday.

However in the wake of fresh cases, schools have closed again immediately after reporting coronavirus outbreaks, French Education Minister Jean Blanquer told radio station RTL.

Mr Blanquer confirmed there had been about 70 new cases linked to schools, but did not say if they were among children or teachers.

He told the station that it is likely the infections took place outside of schools, given the long incubation period for coronavirus.

France, which has had more than 28,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, has asked about 30 per cent of children to go back to school, with around 40,000 schools in lower-risk areas reopening.

Paris is a higher-risk area, so its schools have remained closed for now.

Children are thought to be at low risk from coronavirus, making up a very small minority of serious cases.

But some health authorities claim that Kawasaki disease, a rare inflammatory condition that affects children, can be triggered by coronavirus – although the link has not been confirmed.

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