Eggs-ellent: Scientist debunks heart disease myth

FOR years, people have believed that eggs are bad for your heart due to their high cholesterol.

However, scientists have finally cracked this myth through a 30 year study. They found that eating the popular brekkie item won’t raise the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) or stroke.

The US team, headed by a Harvard researcher, investigated the link between egg consumption and cases of CVD – including non-fatal heart attack, fatal coronary heart disease and stroke.

They measured the diets of 215,618 healthy men and women who averaged one to five eggs a week for 32 years.

They found no association between egg intake and risk of CVD – which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

The findings, published in The British Medical Journal, did reveal that people who ate more than one egg a day had a higher risk, but also tended to eat more red meat and have a higher body mass index.

Study author Dr Jean-Philippe Drouin-Chartier said: “The association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease risk has been a topic of intense debate during the past decade.

“Findings from previous studies on egg consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease have been inconclusive.

“The results from our cohort study and updated meta analysis show that moderate egg consumption (up to one egg per day) is not associated with cardiovascular disease risk overall. Results were similar for coronary heart disease and stroke.”

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