British Election: Unhappy Brits seek emigration as Searches for “move to Canada” increase 49-fold over election night

The results of the British general election has resulted to a surge in the the number of people searching online about how to move abroad after the Conservatives won the general election with the greatest majority since Margaret Thatcher.

Reports emerging has it that the search term initially rose at 22:08 on 12th December shortly after the polls closed and the results of the exit poll were announced. It then saw its largest increase at 8:16am on 13 December, as voters woke up to the news that Boris Johnson’s Conservative government had indeed secured a huge majority.

While thousands of others took to the social media to express their sentiments about leaving the UK.

One person tweeted: “If you are under 30…. no ties …… move abroad.”

Another said: “I guess it is time to start looking to move abroad.”

Checkout Magazine gathered that the search volume for the phrase “move to Canada” is around 1,700 searches a month, or around 55 a day. With the influx of this demand, the term could increase up to as much as 83,300 searches in the month or 2,738 searches in a single day.

While other terms, such as “move to Ireland” and “move to America”, have seen similar increases across the morning.

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