Failed IVF is not the end of the world… you can be childless and happy — BBC podcast host

When Amanda White struggled to conceive at 39, she was told IVF was her only hope of becoming a mum.

Reluctant to endure years of treatment and spend thousands of pounds, she and husband Andy agreed to try one round of IVF and no more.

Amanda, 46, a podcast host, says she and Andy, 48, a cameraman, realised not having kids was not “the end of the world”.

Amanda hosts BBC Sounds podcast Sex, Drugs And Lullabies with her friend Natalie Glanville, whose IVF resulted in a baby. Together they bust the taboos around fertility. She said: “Life goes on after failed IVF and I want to give other women going through it the courage to say it’s OK to stop. I have no idea how women get through it time and time again.

“My heart breaks for them. I wish they could find peace instead of relentlessly putting themselves through it.

Amanda always wanted to be a mum but when she reached her thirties, she began to think it would never happen.

Amanda, 46, and husband Andy, 48, however realised not having kids was not ‘the end of the world’ after trying failed IVF as they live together happy and enjoying each others companionship while showing love to other kids



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