British beautician jailed over botched butt lift injections that killed woman

A British beautician has been sentenced to a year in prison in the United States for administering a failed butt enlargement silicone which killed a woman.

Donna Francis injected silicone she bought off eBay into TV producer Kelly Mayhew’s bottom, resulting in the 34-year-old dying from a cardiac arrest – the judge said she had “got away with murder”

NYPD detectives got an arrest warrant for Francis and a jury indicted her for “criminally negligent homicide”.

Francis had fled to the UK but was tracked down in London in 2017 by the Met Police, where she was working as a hospital driver.

According to Mail Online, Judge Kenneth Holder said the phrase ‘getting away with murder’ applied to Francis as he was sentencing her.

Certain types of silicone are banned for cosmetic uses in the United States, but many are still used on the underground market to increase the size of certain body parts, including breasts and bottoms.



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