Young single mom marries older man of 27 years age difference

A single mum-of-one whose boyfriend is 27 years older than her fell for him after he tracked her down on Facebook although, she initially had no idea of his age as she couldn’t see his face.

Terri Foster-Guy, 26, didn’t realise her now-boyfriend Kirk Campbell, 53, from Powys, South Wales, was almost three decades older than her when he friend requested her.

Despite the couple’s large age gap – and the regular dirty looks they get from people in the street – Terri says Kirk is the love of her life.

Carer Terri told Fabulous Digital: “Kirk and I don’t care what the world thinks about us because we are too in love. Kirk’s age doesn’t matter to me. I adore him for the person that he is.

“Whenever people confuse him for my father, we just laugh it off.”

The couple met in October 2015 after they attended a Comic-Con event in Swansea and Kirk subsequently added Terri on Facebook.

Terri, a single to Olivia, age 7 had discovered Kirk was a single dad to his son, Mason, 11. She developed a soft spot for him from hanging out often with the two kids as they had so much in common.

Despite cruel judgements from strangers, the couple are happier than ever.

Terri said, “We are a perfect little family. It’s very sad that people out there judge others for being in an age gap relationship.

“Whether it’s a two-year difference or a 20-year difference, love is love. It’s doesn’t matter how old Kirk is, I know he’s my soul mate.
“And I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

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