Woman celebrates being cancer free by creating Christmas trees with black mannequins

Last year, Eileen Pearsall from Bear, Delaware, decided to do something a little different with her Christmas tree.

Instead of a traditional design, she ordered a black mannequin and built the tree around the doll, in the shape of a dress.

The inventive decorations have become a big hit, and the 52-year-old has since created three new versions with photos being shared over 90,000 times online – which Eileen finds ‘quite exciting’.

Although they are undoubtedly beautiful – and festive – there is a deeper meaning behind the trees.

“Over here in the US, #blackgirlsrock was just starting to grow on social media,” Eileen tells Metro.co.uk.

“So, last year I wanted to inspire our African American girls. I wanted to show the beauty of the deep melanin skin.”

But there is another reason why Eileen decided to embark on the project, and it’s a much more personal one. She was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, but is now cancer free – and this was her way of showing her appreciation for life.

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