We banned use of phones in school, pupils results and behaviour improved – Headteacher

How school’s decision to ban use of phone helped to improve pupils results and behaviour. A British school has disclosed that its pupils results and behaviour improved after it banned the the use of mobile phones.

Headteacher, Ysgol John Bright, in Llandudno said, The ban, which has been running for a year, has “made a massive difference”

The strict rule applies at any time during the school day, even during breaks or at lunchtime. Staff are also asked not to use mobile phones in front of pupils.

Mrs Webb said pupils are now more sociable and concentrate better in lessons.

And she claimed that the ban, which was introduced in 2018, helped pupils get better GCSE and A level results this summer.

Her words, “I can’t envisage us ever going back to allowing the pupils to bring out their mobile phones now.

“Because they’re not glued to their phones when they arrive at school, they have to engage in social communication and when they go to the library they’re looking at books instead of their phones or they’re discussing things with their peers.

“It’s also made a difference to engagement in lessons because the phones are not available as a distraction.”
If any pupil is caught using a mobile phone anywhere on the campus it is confiscated until the end of the school day.
Their parent or carer is contacted if this keeps happening and the phone will not be returned until they come in to pick it up.

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