Watch funny moment 18 pals pretend to exercise after cop caught them breaking lockdown rules

A footage that emerged online has shown a hilarious moment of group of 18 young friends who pretended to be engaging in physical exercise after being found by a cop breaking the lockdown rule.

It further shows the cop crack a smile as the crowd break into star jumps and jumping jacks as he approaches.

One of the group gathered outside a shop, believed to be in Birmingham, shouts “high knees” and “lunges” like a fitness instructor.

He tells the cop “we’re exercising, sir” in the viral video posted on Twitter with the caption: “getting the 30 minutes of exercise with the community.”

Under the current lockdown restrictions, group meet ups are still strictly forbidden – though Brits are allowed to meet one person outside their household at a social distance.

While some online saw the funny side of the video, others slammed the group for breaking the lockdown rules.

One user found the clip hilarious, writing: “I can’t stop laughing at this video.”

Another added: “The officer had to crack a smile.”

But one angry user was far less amused, writing: “My heart breaks for those working in the frontline. They sacrifice their lives to save ours and you cannot do the bare minimum of staying home.”

Another added: “I just hope their not in a hospital in a few weeks on a respirator thinking to themselves how did I catch covid-19 and give to my family ?”

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