US tourists fail to recognise Queen at Balmoral

A group of American tourists failed to recognize the Queen after bumping into her during a walk around her Scottish Balmoral estate.

The US group started chatting to the 93-year-old monarch, who on the occasion was wearing tweeds and a headscarf, and asked her if she lived nearby.

According to one of her former protection officers, the group were so clueless of who they had in front that they even asked her if she had ever met the Queen.

Richard Griffin, who has been responsible for the Queen’s safety for more than 30 years, told the Times that the monarch jokingly replied saying, “No, but this policeman has,” as she indicated towards him.

According to her former protege, the group then just went ahead on their walk, completely unaware of who they had just met.

The Queen likes to live a more low-profile lifestyle when she is out at Balmoral Castle, the Scottish residence in Aberdeenshire she visits every summer.

The 50,000-acre property has been owned by the royal family since 1852. While in Scotland the Queen is famously known to prefer more pared-down clothing and wellies as opposed to her eye-catching coloured outfits.



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