Universities should produce problem-solvers, not content memorisers – Industry Chair

The chairman, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Mr Tsonam Cleanse Akpeloo has called on African professors to learn from their western counterpart in a bid to produce graduates who are employable.

Mr Akpeloo who made his remark in an interview with TRIBUNE called on the academics to endeavor to keep up with trends in the industry whom they are training their students for in a bid to help them become relevant.

According to him, “The academia has a very huge responsibility because they are the content providers. These are the people who control whatever happens in the classroom. For example they need to know what a professor in Harvard University is doing to make his students become more of problem solvers.

“It is important that our professors understand that inasmuch as they are doing their best to get these students to learn, they need to also consider helping them to develop more of problem solving skills than content memorizing skills,” he stressed.

The chair who lamented the dire situation of Universities turning out unemployable graduates urged African Universities to make it a duty to ensure that their graduates are actually all set to be employable.



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