Ukraine-Russia: 836,000 flee conflict

Figures from the United Nations have shown that the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine has surged to nearly 836,000, as fighting intensified on day seven of Russia’s invasion.

According to the website of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, 835,928 people have fled across the country’s borders.

This is a huge difference from the 677,000 announced on Tuesday afternoon by the organisation’s chief Filippo Grandi.

More than half have headed west into Poland, according to statistics from Tuesday.

UNHCR figures show that 454,000 people had fled to Poland; 116,000 to Hungary; 67,000 to Slovakia; 65,000 to Moldova, 43,000 to Russia, 38,000 to Romania and 350 to Belarus.

Meanwhile, 52,000 have moved on to other European countries.

Refugees from Ukraine do not need to go through the asylum procedure and will receive immediate protection for up to three years in the European Union (EU).

This was contained in a tweet by German Minister of Interior, Building and Community, Nancy Faeser, on Wednesday.

She said “we will provide help quickly and without bureaucracy.

“Refugees from Ukraine do not need to go through the asylum procedure. They will receive immediate protection in the EU for up to three years.”



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