Trump ponders buying largest island from Denmark

President Donald Trump has shown strong interest in buying the island of Greenland as sources reveal he has repeatedly asked his advisers if it would be possible.

The 811,000-square-mile island of icy terrain in the Atlantic inhabits about 56,000 people and is an autonomous Danish territory.

Two sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his advisers with ‘varying degrees of seriousness’ if it would be possible for the U.S. to acquire the autonomous Danish territory for its resources and geopolitical significance.

‘What do you guys think about that?’ Trump asked a table of associates last spring when the idea of buying the island first came to be, a source told the Wall Street Journal. ‘Do you think it would work?’

However, it’s unclear how exactly the U.S. would go about buying the largest island in the world after the U.S.’s two failed attempts by President Truman to buy it for $100million in 1946 and before that by the State Department in 1867.



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