‘The only superstar is Jesus’ – Kanye West

American Rapper, Kanye West has continued to speak about his new found faith, asserting that the only Superstar that exists is the Christianity pioneer, Jesus after a service in Lakewood, Texas.

After the service concluded, Kanye sat down with Pastor Joel Osteen to speak about his faith, ABC reports.

“God has been calling me for a long time,” said West. “The devil has been distracting me for a long time.”

West spoke about how he feels many producers, musicians, artists, designers and business people aren’t working towards their faith.

“The greatest artist that God ever created is now working for him,” said West, referring to himself. “I’m here in service to God. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

On a more humble note, West said, “The only superstar is Jesus.”

West released a gospel album last month entitled “Jesus is King.”



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