Tension heightens as Pelosi rips up Trump speech at congress

United States House of Representative Speaker, Nancy Pelosi heightened tension between the legislature and the executive as she tore her copy of President Donald Trump’s prepared remarks at the conclusion of his State of the Union address.

She was seen to have torn her copy of Trump’s speech when most lawmakers stood to applaud the President after his address.

The moment capped a tense address from Trump that started when the president appeared to snub Pelosi’s offer of a handshake.

Pelosi largely seemed to avoid looking at Trump throughout the address, instead reading from his prepared remarks and scanning the room.

She and other Democrats stood and applauded only periodically, even as Republicans regularly gave ovations. Pelosi could be seen subtly shaking her head “no” when Trump pledged to protect Medicare and Social Security as well as rejecting his claim that Democrats want to provide “unlimited health care” for undocumented immigrants.

The speech came weeks after the House impeached Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and one day before the GOP-controlled Senate is likely to vote to acquit him.

Pelosi also made waves at Trump’s State of the Union last year, when her pointed applause at Trump calling for an end to “revenge politics” went viral.



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