Technology: Key to business management

Nigerian programmer and tools developer, Joseph Stephen says technology can help in managing a business.

He spoke during a webinar organized to appraise some of the development of new tech sites by Nigerians that has helped business owners manage their businesses efficiently.

Stephen said the most common tools used by businesses are productivity software, online business management tools, and social media apps.

These tools make it easier for businesses to manage their time and resources while providing the opportunity to grow revenue.

He added: “The benefits of using these types of software are numerous. They include being able to stay on top of your work, increasing productivity, saving time, increasing revenue, etc.

“Some free online business and productivity tools to manage your business are Sales Tax Calculator, Simple Rich Text Editor, Text editor, Time Card Calculator, Wage Calculator, Work Hour Calculator, Gross Pay Calculator among other online tools.

“Some free online tools, such as an online Sticky Notes, which can be accessed free on a site like are a great way to keep track of information. You can use them to jot down ideas, list tasks, or remember important details. They’re easy to create and manage, and they’re available for free.”



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