700 companies jostle for railway projects – NRC

The Nigerian Railway Corporation has announced that about 700 companies submitted applications for its N12bn capital projects procurement.

Speaking during the exercise in Lagos, the Director of procurement, NRC, Mr. Benjamin Iloanusi, said that the bidding process was purely for capital projects.

“We have over 700 companies that submitted their documents. That is the number of companies that submitted their bids. Our budget is actually in the public knowledge and it’s about N12billion, which is purely for capital projects.”

Iloanusi also said the agency trained its staff to ensure the smooth running of the process.

“We normally have a day before training for people that participate and they are often clear on what they need to do. The training was for the desk officers handling the documents. At least we started on time and it’s going on well because the processes are being followed. Over the years, we have managed to build guidelines and procedures, which is why you see the process going on smoothly.

“The process is going on well. No company has been disqualified yet until we go through their documents. If we find grounds to disqualify any, then we will do that.”

Iloanusi further said that the process was not for the evaluation of validation but to see the documents submitted by the bidders.



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