US company announces completion of a Coronavirus vaccine

United States based genetic engineering company, Greffex has announced that it had finished development of its vaccine for the virus that has killed more than 2,000 worldwide.

MailOnline reports that vaccine is now ready for animal testing, followed by human trials.

Scientists at Greffex are among dozens worldwide racing to develop shots and drugs to prevent and treat the virus that’s struck nearly 76,000 worldwide.

It comes after UK scientists announced they’d begun testing their shot, and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin announced they’d made compound they believe can serve as a vaccine.

Developing a vaccine, however, is just the first step toward distributing one. Most estimates suggest that from, testing and production could take between 18 months and two years, though Greffex has not announced its timeline.

Most vaccine contain either live attenuated virus or an inactive form of the pathogen.

Mailonline reports that vaccines can take upwards of a decade to develop, from soup to nuts.

Even with all the expediting possible, testing required by the FDA is thorough and time consuming, so fast production of a vaccine will still like take 18 months to a year.



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