Swiss Police arrests bodyguards of Cameroon president

The Swiss police has effected the arrest of six members of the security team of Cameroonian President, Paul Biya for assaulting a journalist who covered demonstrations staged by Cameroons in Diaspora.

The security team comprising of five men and a woman were arrested in Geneva for an assault on a Swiss journalist, however, the woman was released as she held a diplomatic passport.

It was reported that the incident took place after demonstrators took to the Luxury Intercontinental Hotel, which has become a home away from home for President Biya in Geneva, before the said reporter was assaulted by his security team.

Amidst the growing crisis plaguing the country, at least 250 protesters were demonstrating against the presence of Biya at the hotel, the protesters were waving Cameroonian flags and anti-Biya placards and posters.

The incident resulted to The Radio Télévision Suisse journalist being slightly injured, and having his equipment damaged.

Geneva prosecutors found the men “guilty of coercion, damage to property, and illegal appropriation” and received suspended sentences of at least three months.

They were immediately released.

Paul Biya, 86, the embattled President of Cameroon is one of Africa’s longest-serving presidents, having been in power since November 1982 and is still not ready to step down. He won another seven-year term in 2018.

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