Sack policemen who refuse to return to duty posts – Activist

…describes refusal as an affront to police leadership
The Executive Director, United Global Resolve for Peace, Mr Olaseni Shalom says any police officer who refuses to return to the duty post should be sacked.

According to him, the refusal of policemen to obey the order of the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu is an affront to the police leadership.

His words: “Police officers are public servants recruited for a specific purpose which is the safeguarding of civilian lives and properties.

“A refusal to carry out their jobs is not just an affront on the Inspector-General of Police but is defiance against constitutional and other statutory laws.

“Their refusal to do their jobs, therefore, calls for severe sanctions with outright dismissal as an option. Resentment of public scrutiny is not a validation for their actions and no excuse at law or any other standard suffices in their favour.”



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