US Immigration Repatriates London Family ‘Held After Taking Wrong Turn Into US From Canada’

A London family detained in the United States for accidentally crossing the American border from Canada have been sent back to the United Kingdom.

David Connors, 30, his wife Eileen, 24, their three-month-old son and relatives Michael Connors, his wife Grace and their two-year-old twin daughters had been in custody since October 2.

They were accused of trying to enter the US from Canada illegally but said they had just taken a wrong turn and their crossing into the country was accidental.

But the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed all seven family members, previously held in the Berks Family Residential Centre in Pennsylvania, have been “successfully repatriated back to the United Kingdom” on Wednesday.

The Connors family claimed they did not realise they crossed the border south of Vancouver when they swerved into a side road to avoid hitting an animal while on holiday.

But American authorities disputed the family’s account, calling their actions “illegal” and “deliberate”.



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