Petrol stations accused of sexism because pumps are ‘designed for male hands’

Detail of a hand holding a fuel pump at a station

Petrol stations in London have come underfire recently after a woman accused them of being ‘sexist’ for using petrol pumps designed for men alone.

31-years old Melanie Morgan, complained that it hurts to hold the petrol pump because they are designed ‘by men with men in mind’.

According to her, “I have fairly small hands. I’m short, I’m 5ft 3, so I’m fairly small generally but I imagine there aren’t many men who have the same size hands as me.

“When I was younger I remember thinking ‘ooh this is difficult’ but then it’s also something you’re new to doing.

“But as an adult now who does it regularly it suddenly occurred to me one day that I don’t think most people find filling up the car painful, most people don’t have to think ‘this doesn’t work’ ‘I’d assume there’s some kind of reason that it needs to be the broadness it is around that point and you have to pull it in tight, of course, but I think it’s a classic overlooked issue,” She added.

However, she admitted the problem might be to do with her small hands and not the fact she is a woman



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