Mum’s heartbreaking plea to find killer of hero son targeted after stopping gang rape

A bereaved mother who had her son shot dead has revealed how he hid his identity because he feared being targeted after he stopped a gang rape, calling for Justice.

Abraham Badru, 26, was shot outside his home in Hackney in March 2018. His killer has never been found.

His mother Ronke Badru has launched a fresh appeal to help find the shooter, adding that her son would still hide his face more than 10 years after he was given a police bravery award.

When he was just 14 in 2007, Mr Badru rescued a girl from an attempted knife-point sex attack on a Hackney estate.

As a witness to the incident, he subsequently gave evidence in court where nine people were convicted, including one who was jailed for life.

At the time he was threatened by the culprits and his home was pelted with eggs.

Mrs Badru, who lived with her son until his death, said: “He was wearing caps to cover his face and any time he wanted to go out I would have to go out and check if there was anyone in the compound or in the garden and then he would go.”

To escape the initial threats, Mr Badru went to the south-west of England to study for A-Levels and a degree, returning to London in 2016 and calling himself “Prince” in an attempt to hide his identity.

His mother said she found it “difficult” watching him hide away and added that she felt she wished she had the money to get him a house in a safer area.

Police are still investigating the motive for Mr Badru’s death, with one line of inquiry being the death threats sent by members of the gang and another being the string of relationships he had with different women.

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