Bolivian mayor had forced hair cut, dragged through streets by Protesters

….Crowds marched on town hall following rumours demonstrators had died, local media says

In the wake of Civic unrest in Bolivia following its controversial presidential election, anti-government protesters have reportedly attacked a mayor from a small Bolivian town, covering her in red paint and cutting her hair.

Patricia Arce, a member of the ruling Mas party, was dragged barefoot through the streets by demonstrators before being taken away by the police.

The Vinto mayor was also forced to sign a resignation letter and the town hall was set on fire, according to the BBC.

After hearing rumours two anti-government protesters had been killed nearby, a crowd marched to the town hall, Los Tiempos newspaper reported.

They got hold of the mayor, dragged her through the streets and attacked her while shouting “murderer”, according to reports.

Protests have been ongoing for the three weeks following the last election in which Mr Morales, who has been president since 2006, was victorious.

His win was marred by almost a 24-hour halt in the count, which then showed a sharp increase in support for Mr Morales once resumed.

International governments have called for calm and are backing an audit of the election by the Organisation of American States (OAS), which has recommended that a second round vote go ahead. Mr Morales has agreed the audit will be “binding.”

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