Most British parents won’t send their children back to school immediately after lockdown lifts – Study

British parents are wary of taking their wards back to school as soon as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, according to a new study.

The survey showed that just one in ten respondents of the Parentkind poll indicated they would be happy for their child to return to the classroom straight after schools are reopened.

A quarter (25 per cent) of parents who took part in the survey said they would feel comfortable with a September return date if it was confirmed now, while seven per cent favoured July.

A further 23 per cent said they would be reassured only once the Government says it is safe for children to go back to school, while 18 per cent said they would rely on school leaders and teachers’ to give the green light.

However, a tenth of participants said they would only feel at ease once staff and pupils had been vaccinated against Covid-19 – even if this took up to 18 months.

Between April 23 and May 4, 257,392 parents across England, Wales and Northern Ireland – representing 427,500 pupils – completed the online survey.

Schools, colleges and nurseries closed more than six weeks ago due to the virus outbreak, remaining open only for vulnerable youngsters and the children of key workers, Standard UK reports.

Relatedly, Boris Johnson promised to deliver a “comprehensive plan” this week on how the UK lockdown may be eased and suggested he would set out efforts to get children back to school.

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