Meet man who won £9m lottery, spent £5.7m on booze and bedding 4,000 women

A British man, Mickey Carroll who won a £9.7m national lottery back in 2002, has given insight on how he spent his lotto money 17 years after.

The former binman gave £4m away to his family and then girlfriend and mother of his child, Sandra Aitken.

But he admits he blew the remaining £5.7m on maintaining an extravagant lifestyle, including wild holidays to Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol with his mates.

He recalls: “We used to go to the local whorehouse because the girls there were better looking.

“We’d get our own drugs first and be high on cocaine by the time we rocked up at the brothels.

“I drank vodka and fresh orange, any lager, cider or whiskey, as long as it was wet. I’d wake up in some strange places.”

Mickey’s raucous behaviour wasn’t just confined to his trips away.

Alcohol and narcotics were a part of his everyday life.

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