Meet centenarian who conquered COVID-19, survived the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and WWII

A centenarian who lived through the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and World War II has recovered from the deadly Coronavirus ahead of his 107th birthday, according to reports.

Rudolph ‘Rudi’ Heider battled the deadly virus for weeks while quarantined at a nursing home in Chesterfield, Missouri, DailyMail reports.

His family was thrown to ecstacy on Tuesday having received news that the great-grandfather has been cleared to come out of isolation after reaching the two-week mark without any symptoms.

Rudi’s grandson Matthew Heider told DailyMail he and his wife Janet, who live in Bremerton and recently welcomed a grandchild of their own, spent the past month praying that he would recover whilst knowing the odds were not in their favor.

Rudi expressed his gratitude to the couple for their support when they called him on Tuesday to wish him a happy birthday.

His family shared the heartwarming story in hopes that it will inspire others to keep fighting even when it feels like there’s no chance.

At 107 years old, Rudi is believed to be one of the oldest people on earth to recover from coronavirus.

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