Meet 14 years old American who survived being stabbed 7 times

You often do not find people survive being stabbed, however a 14-year old American has been a different story so far, surviving the thrusting of a knife into his body on seven different occasions.

Demar,14, currently lives in a safe house with other young people because he was leading a life of crime, involving drug dealing and violence.

He has been stabbed seven times, and admits having violent and aggressive urges.

After being given somewhere safe and secure to stay, he is now making positive changes in order to turn his life around.

Narrating his ordeal, Demar said, “It all started when I got kicked out of school. I got sent to a PRU (pupil referral unit) and I met people doing all the bad stuff, so because of my characteristics I got into it quick. I was trapping (selling drugs) and was doing things they couldn’t – I was selling to people and giving them deals and getting money.

“I was a bully basically. Anyone I saw who had something good, anyone I saw who looked like they wanted drugs I’d try and sell to them or I’d beat people up and take their stuff.

“I’d carry all sorts of weapons. Once my mum caught me with an eight-inch knife and she called the police because she didn’t know what to do. She was shocked,” he added.

However, Demar is undergoing a change of attitude, expressing his desire to be better.

His words, “But now I feel determined to become something so I can help my generation, I feel like I should be doing something.



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