Manchester school bans pupil, 5, for ‘violent’ behavior

Rudi Barnes from Manchester may just be five years-old, but he already has been banned from schooling at St Malachy’s RC Primary in Miles Platting, Manchester for some aggressive behavior threatening the safety of other pupils and staff members.

He was kicked out of school last September, however, four months later, he is still not allowed to return.

Headteacher Mrs Janine Parker took the decision after an incident in which he kicked and punched teaching staff, tipped over chairs and a table, and pulled displays off a wall.

It was the culmination of a pattern of violent behaviour that began in nursery when he was just three.

He hasn’t had another day in school since his exclusion, the Manchester Evening News reports.

His parents Claire Scaife and Carl Barnes had to take them in to school for him, but they fear Rudi is already being left behind.

“He went to a friend’s birthday party and this kid said ‘nobody remembers you in school ‘,” said Claire, 38.

“He got really upset, it’s heartbreaking.”

While the parents understand why the school made the drastic decision, they are distraught and believe more should have been done to keep him in school and get him the help he clearly needs.

The couple says they have no idea where Rudi’s behaviour comes from and that it doesn’t happen at home.

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